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Wine Making is Our Passion

If you enjoy drinking wine, you’ll love making it! Signature Wines is here to ensure your wine making experience is convenient, valuable, and fun. We are pleased to provide British Columbians with wine making services that range from instruction to storage. Our kits include red and white wines from all over the world, and depending on the quality you choose, they take four, six, or eight weeks to process. Each kit yields 30 750 mL bottles, and you’re sure to enjoy each one. In addition to our red and white wine kits, Signature Wines is proud to offer a selection of Port and ice wine.

The benefits of creating wine in this style with Signature Wines include more significant health benefits from the wine and greatly reduced sulphite levels. Our friendly staff will guide you through the first steps in the wine making process in a matter of minutes, and then we’ll call you once your wine is ready to bottle.

Here are some of the ways we can help to get your wine started!

Wine Making Instruction

Whether you already know a thing or two about wine making or you’re entirely new to the process, the experts at Signature Wines will help with whatever you need. We guide you through the wine making process from start to finish and offer instructions for as much or as little of the process as you would prefer.

Bottling & Corking

Once your wine kit is finished processing, it’s time for bottling and corking. Corking is an often overlooked aspect of the wine making process, but it is an important step nonetheless. Signature Wines will help you choose the right type of cork for your wine, and we also handle the actual corking process for you as well.


It’s essential that your wine is correctly labelled to help you keep track of the origin of your wine and when it was made. Labelling is yet another part of the wine making experience that Signature Wines is here to guide you through. Once this final step of the wine making process is complete, your wine is ready to be enjoyed!